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Hello, my name is Kate Di Prima.

I'm a dietician in private practice with over 17 years experience.  More importantly - I'm a mother of two, Jack, 9 years and Rosie, 6 years.

Having children has not only enriched my life, it's enabled me to experience first-hand the difficulties and pressures of finding and providing healthy interesting meals for the younger members of the family.

Out Now  "More Peas Please" available in all good book stores (rrp $29.95)

Exciting news: I have just released my third book co authored with Dr Julie Cichero (Speech therapist and feeding and swallowing expert).This is a must-read guide to finding nutritious solutions for fussy eaters from first foods that won't be spat out to lunch box fixes the envy of the playground. Whether your child avoids whole groups of foods such as vegetables and meats or flatly refuses to try something new, "More Peas Please" explains the reasons why and is filled with easy solutions.


Low-Fat Summer Cookbook now Sold online verion available soon as an e-book!!!


More Peas Please - Getting Kids to Eat Veggies
Kate's discusses how to get kids eating veggies and her new book on Sunrise.

Thinking outside the lunch box
Having a fussy eater in the family can drive even the most patient parent to despair. Dietitian and mother-of-two Kate Di Prima shares some tips and tricks to help your child enjoy healthy food.

Lunchbox key to obesity battle
THE beginnings of the long-term health problems associated with childhood obesity could lurk inside the school lunch box.

Keeping the Family Regular
Babies may become constipated if their poo is dry and crumbly, or like pellets. This commonly occurs around the time they start solids.

Superfoods to the Rescue
It's time to start putting knowledge of superfoods into practise as part of a balanced diet, to reduce the risk of potential illnesses.

Want to make a baby? Then it's time to look at your diet.
"A woman's diet is of enormous importance during, but also before, pregnancy," says dietitian and Mother & Baby magazine expert Kate Di Prima. "In fact, the nutritional status of the mother at the point of conception can have a profound influence on the health of the baby during the foetal stage and far beyond."

Texture for toddler foods
After your baby has had some experience with pureed or smooth foods move on to a mashed texture. The skills developed through eating support other kinds of development.

Did you know....?
A recent study assessing the fruit and water intake of a group of school children found that only 50% were eating the required 2-3 serves of fruit a day and less that half were consuming water regularly.

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